We are the Humans Against Mike Lee.

Six reasons why Mike Lee needs to go.

From the beginning, Mike Lee campaigned as an extremist. As a Senator, he’s enjoyed debating semantics and picking culture war fights. But he doesn’t like getting things done to help us.

We know who we are and what we stand for. Unfortunately, Mike Lee doesn’t.

We are for healthcare for all

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare, regardless of how much money they make or what zip code they live in. Healthcare is essential, and making sure everyone has it is part of how we take care of each other.

Mike Lee doesn’t get it. Even though more than 200,000 Utahns rely on the Affordable Care Act, Mike Lee keeps trying to overturn it.

We are for Equality

We believe that Black, Brown, and Indigenous lives are precious. We believe LGBTQ+ people deserve the freedom to live and love in ways that fulfill them. We believe in standing up for women.

Mike Lee has a bad track record of standing up for people who are different from him. His persistent efforts to put public lands in private hands have failed to protect our Indigenous communities, and his absence in the fight for racial justice has shown lack of support to our BIPOC brothers and sisters. He opposed legislation protecting LGBTQ+ people and sponsored legislation to discriminate against transgender athletes. He opposed the Violence Against Women Act, has consistently worked to dismantle reproductive rights, and singlehandedly blocked two new Smithsonian museums for Latino-American and women’s history.

We are for the Earth

We believe in being good stewards of the beautiful earth. We want to leave our grandchildren an inheritance of clean air, clean water, and a stable climate.

Mike Lee doesn’t believe in leaving things better than you found them. He thinks climate change is a joke--he even made a whole presentation about it. (His advice for saving the planet? Let the next generation figure it out: “Fall in love, get married and have some kids.”)

We are for Government by the People, for the People

Most of all, we believe in each other. We show up for each other. We dream big for each other. We believe that in a democracy, everyone’s voice should matter equally, and that government should work by the people and for the people, not for special interests.

Mike Lee spent years railing against the power of the President, but when the time came to defend his country by holding the President—an insurrectionist—accountable, he blew it.

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